Our Film Passion? Narrative Shorts

(we know, it's a weird one)

We offer cinematography and production services for narrative short films, music videos, and performance capture for musicians, artists, singers, performers, dancers and more.

Inclusivity is a priority

The color science in modern cameras still isn't inclusive. We follow Ava Berkofsky's (cinematographer for Insecure and Share) lead in lighting, exposure adjustment, and using tools that ensure people
of all skin tones look like themselves on camera.

Why we love narrative shorts

(don't worry! we shoot other stuff, too!)


Short films, music videos, and other creative shorts bring together tons of creative minds and have a more intimate feel to them.


We love filming of all types, but community (and creativity) for us is really found when a few people get together and decide to make a short film, even without the right gear.

More Creativity

Short films have more space to be experimental, to try new things, and to play with look, color, camera angle, focus, and so much more.


It’s really the ideal place to ask ourselves, “how can we make this more interesting? how can we push this a little bit farther?” To us, that’s the real joy of filmmaking.

Limitations = Innovation

Sometimes the limitations of short film and narrative spots can force you to think outside of the box.


This is where you find people using a skateboard as a dolly, shooting through a sheet to get diffusion, and finding ways to make a single room feel like four. Short film means finding a way to get the shot.

selected work

(highlights from a few favorite projects)

director: Tom Crandall
Awards: 3rd Place Best Film - Denver 48HFP

director: Tom Crandall

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